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JCB, is a manufacturer of equipment for construction, agriculture, waste handling, and demolition, based in Rocester, England. It produces over 300 types of machines, including diggers (backhoes), excavators, tractors, and diesel engines, across 22 factories spanning Asia, Europe, North America, and South America; its products are sold in over 150 countries.

A former employee said this in a review: "The culture in JCB embraces micromanagement, resulting in a lack of (good) decisions, missed opportunities, poor brand awareness and weak market share. There are many great employees who work there, but they are not given the opportunity to use their strengths to change how things have always been done to improve the business".


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Former Employee - Welder says

"HR is a joke. They could care less about employees your nothing but a number we can have someone in here tomorrow to replace you mentality."

Current Employee - Quality Engineer says

"Management - Mongs off shop floor"

Former Employee - Quality Leader says

"- The lack of diversity in the thinking style of leaders means it is possible to forget which manager gave you which job. - No one makes notes of who said what at meetings, I found this odd at the start but quickly realised it was so leaders could avoid accountability for some awful decisions. - Time spent planning how to improve the business is met with distain and disgust because you should be doing stuff."

Former Employee - Engineer says

"Stuck in their old ways and severely lack ambition to change employee culture. Unless you are happy to make friends with people higher up the ladder you are left to stagnate. Remember that you're lucky to work for JCB and they're not lucky to have you working for them..."

Former Employee - Assistant Manager At Designcenter Pune says

"Atmosphere is totally spoiled after huge on roll employee lay-off in June 2020. Lost whole Reputation in market. It treated Permanent employees like a simple MIDC manufacturing workshop. No Job security at all.Can fire any one at anytime giving no reason and can spoil once carter in a minute. Does not care about employees . Brand image is totally disrupted. Earlier it used to be respectable now it’s avoidable ."

Current Employee - Design Engineer says

"Stuck in the 1970's. Very authoritarian system. Fixed holidays which for an office job in 2020 is insane. Projects are run poorly with very unrealistic timing plans. No regard for staff wellbeing, any suggestions on how to improve the culture are suppressed immediately. Not allowed to wear headphones again for 2020 is bonkers. Messages from the owner plastered kn every wall which over time just looks like propaganda. No regard for the customer as long as they are making money."


"- Grossly outdated corporate culture - Complete arrogance to change, JCB way or no way - Senior leadership team thrives off obnoxious techniques and use fear to speed up/attempt to get things done - Completely rigid working (Fixed holidays, fixed hours, no flexi time). There is however an expectation for employees to be totally flexible and all travel is carried out at weekends with no compensation or time back - Projects are run on a fraction of the resource required but expected to be delivered in a fraction of the time - Climate and environment targets are laughable - private jets and helicopters are used daily there"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Ancient It systems So long winded to get anything done People with no clue in charge of creating processes. No training for new starters Fend for yourself environment Office/shop floor politics Atmosphere Divisions don't work together So much money wasted"

Current Employee - Graduate Engineer says

"The shear arrogance! A company which values those who can wear a suit and know how to make a snazzy PowerPoint than anyone with any passion, technical ability or innovative Ideas. An upper management more concerned with touring customers and the press around the now tired, aging and frankly unimpressive factory, than actually getting the job done well and innovating. An us and them mentality, between the shop floor and office which breeds contempt from both sides. A frankly incredibly lax attitude towards safety, with the near miss quota missing the point by focusing on the trivial while real issues need addressing, like the air quality for example."

Former Employee - Sales and Marketing Graduate says

"Repressive and authotarian corporate culture, non transparent management, bad atmosphere, little relevant training"

Forklift Driver (Current Employee) says

"Treat you like rubbish and have no respect for you whatsoever, they just use and abuse you, you are looking at 5 years before you get made full time, absolute joke of a companyNoneWorst place I’ve ever worked"

Welder (Former Employee) says

"jcb have a we look after lazy contractors but make the agency staff work harder then when the muck hits the fan get rid of agency simple formula and management do not have a clue and turn a blind eye or 2"

agency welder (Former Employee) says

"i was at Jcb for over a year while i was there along with a lot of other agency workers i noticed that the contracted crew did very little compared to the agency lads and lasses once most of them got their contracts they took their foot of the gas and did the bare minimum that was required of them this was very evident to all even the supervisors turned a blind eye to what was going on i was always taught a days pay for a days work not a days pay for half a day which is what most of the regular workers do , there is not actually that many people who do a full shift"

Assembly Worker (Current Employee) says

"Quantity over quality. Just very poor. What the agency tell you is completely different too what happens. Shift times told by agency (7am-3pm) was different to actual start times (6am-4pm). Agency dont have a clue at all and jcb even tell you "too ignore everything in the interview" when you get there. Dont really care about you as a person your just a number. Agency is hire and fire peole last hours.Noone wants too help you or show you things. Learnt most of what i do by trial and error.Training is poor. If you struggle on the job with minimal training they will just lay you off. Shocking to be honest. Think JCB would be good buts its far from."

HMEE Assembler (Former Employee) says

"Do you hate your family? Do you prefer to not have a life? Do you enjoy poor management with double standards? Do you enjoy working under a 5 ton crane that has been lifting close to 15,000 lbs the past several years? Do you in general enjoy working for scum? Well folks let me tell you, if you answered yes to any of them questions, then from 6am to 530 pm, you can sweat your tail off, work with incompetent management, and not have a life for 15 bucks an hour!!!! yes thats right FIFTEEN BUCKS AN HOUR plus lots of overtime. You will be working Most Saturdays and lots of Sundays. You get 2 weeks of shutdown in the summer, and 1 week in the winter. you will automatically start out with about 7 days worth of PTO, but you have to use that PTO during shut down because its no pay during will never see that family you hateyou may get sundays off, so that means stuck at the house with your miserable family"

Assmebly Line (Current Employee) says

"I got sick working at JCB 12 plus hrs a day and weekend I was never able to see my kids or have a personal life I went into the hospital it was always something wrong with my time card."

Assembly Operator (Former Employee) says

"At the interview in Uttoxeter I was told the hours were 7.30am to 4pm. When I got to the site in Rugeley I was told the hours were 6am to 4pm and that overtime was compulsory! How legal is that? I was also told that I should take no notice of anything I was told at the interview! I got the impression I was supposed to be grateful for the opportunity of working at JCB, but it seemed to be a revolving door of agency staff many of whom lasted just hours because quite frankly they would be better off working at Amazon. It was a real eye opener for me, JCB like to give the impression they are a blue chip company, but I certainly wouldn't recommend it.Long hours, compulsary overtime."

Sprayer (Former Employee) says

"Worked there since December had issue with sexual harassment with a full timer once reported nothing was done i was told to "laugh it of" the job was boring and pointless asked numerous of times to be moved but because im a woman they think your not capable and get sneered at! I had 2 days of in 7 months and because my child was in hospital and the diggers was not getting out fast enough the managing director demanded to get rid of me.... when other lads that was on agency was moved around the factory when they had loads and loads of time of then me!! Defently no place for a woman unless your gay or foreign!! Never ever again!!Absolutely nothingEverything horrible place to work"

Welder (Former Employee) says

"Bad experience to work for this company, just a number on agency work drops off and get laid off, don't touch company unless you want letting down, currenthey off due to major back problemnonelow wages"

AGM Manufacturing Engineering (Former Employee) says

"A place were no business ethics and systems will be available. You will feel as if your completely into a mess and orderless No good working cultureOrderless, systemlessif you dont work here thats the biggest advantage"

ayudante perforista (Former Employee) says

"no hay suficientes herramientas y epp en el trabajoaprendi hacer la seguridad es depende de cada unocompañeros son buenos te comparten experienciasatencion medica enmediatode noches no hay descanso"

Quality Inspector, Loadall Division (Former Employee) says

"Bullying is common place, poor management, couldn't give a dam about employees, poor health and safety, health and safety only comes in when it suits JCB, Agency staff treated awfully, always laying off, normally at Xmas.NoneNone"

Assembler (Current Employee) says

"Work constantly won't even tell you you have to work weekend until Friday afternoon. Can make no plans with family and they don't care. They tell you a number to hit you hit the number then number moves so u still work weekends. Run away fast run run run. Worse employer in Savannah."

Assembler/Maintenance (Current Employee) says

"The managers are non existent The team leads are unknowledgeable. The officer managers do not run a line correctly. The favoritism is ridiculous. Your only hope is the coworkers you gain relationships with. As for a career, you will have better luck/ opportunity and happiness in searching for employment elsewhere.CoworkersEverything"

DGM SCM (Current Employee) says

"Below Average Bad Management Zero family culture High politics Bad for loyals Zero employ welfare Zero job security Not good for systematic workers"

Welder/Fabricator (Former Employee) says

"Regimented. Unrewarding. A feeling of being disposable. Actual employees looked down on agency staff. An environment of "if your face fits" was very apparent. It wasn't hard to not fit. Oppressive and uncomfortable working environment"

Assembly Operator (Former Employee) says

"Want you work all hrs, no life if you have family. Only good if your single. And everything else foods terribl, managers terrible works boring, to far walk to the canteen, takes 2 months for you to start after you have done your interview, medical, induction.NonLoads"

ΦΥΛΑΚΑΣ (Former Employee) says

"Θα ηθελα να γνωριζω τον χωρο φυλαξης - να ειμαι αρτια καταρτισμενοσ-να εχω καλη επικοινωνια με τους εποπτες μασ-να υπαρχει δικαιοσυνη και ισορροπια μεταξυ συναδελφωνΙκα καλυψη"

Assembly Operator (Current Employee) says

"Very bad management and the group leader At nights didn’t treat everyone the same and he given the opportunity to just the person he do like and it doesn't matter if this person working hard or not.just not fear.the company is good to work for but the biggest problem the management"

Office Personnel (Former Employee) says

"If you walk into work 5 minutes late you're judged. Forget about a personal life, you'll basically live and breathe this place. Management is terrible and doesn't care about manufacturing OR office employees. They do nothing to boost morale and treat you like you're one of the JCB machines, obviously not as important though. HR always says they're "so busy" and won't help. If you're a woman and have a serious issue with a male coworker like feeling unsafe or inappropriate behavior and report it to HR they will slap the dude on the hand and let him continue working like nothing happened. They will promise you the world and more to get you hired and once you're in, they don't do what they said they would EVEN if it's written in your contract. U.K. employees coming over get American PTO and U.K. PTO not to mention their rent paid for. All the while you're struggling to pay yours and can barely go to the grocery store because your monthly salary is 2/3 of your living expenses.Dental InsuranceLiterally everything else"

colt says

"one of the 112 truly disgusting companies that profits from illegally occupied land in palestine as highlighted by the united nations"

Mark Sommer says

"For a company of its size, I am disappointed that JCB doesn't have an approved used machine search facility on their website. When I spoke to one of their dealers they said JCB removed this function from their website a while ago and hasn't bothered to replace it. Not great for a company that some claim to be the best of British manufacturing."

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